Dive into the Heart of Tuscan Wines with the Wine School of Florence

Ever dreamed of becoming a wine aficionado, swirling glasses like a pro, and deciphering the subtle notes of a fine Chianti? Look no further! Nestled in the vibrant streets of Florence, our wine school is your gateway to the enchanting world of wines. Whether you’re in for a quick two-hour dive or a day-long exploration, our doors are wide open to bring you closer to the wine you’ve always wished to understand.

A Sip of Tuscany, A Journey of Flavors

Led by our certified sommeliers, our courses offer you an insider’s look into the art of wine tasting and serving, catapulting you beyond the ordinary. Immerse yourself in the world of Tuscan wine tasting, where each grape variety tells a story, and local winemakers become your guides to this liquid history. Discover how the age, temperature, and even the glass in your hand can transform your wine experience.

Pairing Made Perfect

Navigate the delightful complexities of matching wine with food under the guidance of our experts. From the quintessential Tuscan pecorino to the sweetness of local honey, learn how to create harmonious pairings that elevate every meal.

Our Curated Courses: A Taste of Tuscany

Delve into the essence of Tuscan viticulture with our curated courses, each designed to unveil a facet of this region’s vinous treasures:

  • Introduction to Tuscan Wines: Take a sensory journey with 5/6 exceptional Tuscan wines, complemented by the rustic charm of bread dipped in extra virgin olive oil.
  • Wine and Food Experience: Explore the harmony between local wines and traditional dishes in a course that pairs Tuscan flavors with each sip.
  • Vinaino Adventure: Discover the historic Florentine wine scene with a selection of 4 wines, celebrating centuries of tradition in every glass.
  • Chianti Exploration: Venture into the heart of Chianti , tasting and touring boutique wineries, where the soul of Tuscan winemaking is revealed.

English and Italian, March to October

Our bilingual courses, running from March through October, welcome both the seasoned connoisseur and the casual enthusiast, taught in both English and Italian to ensure a fully immersive experience.

Join Us for a Toast

Ready to deepen your wine knowledge? Our courses are crafted to be engaging, educational, and, above all, enjoyable. With no prior expertise required, every class promises up to 5/6 wine tastings in an intimate and lively setting.

What We Offer

  • A choice between a brisk 2-hour course or an immersive day-long journey.
  • Expert-led wine tastings and insightful food pairings.
  • An approachable, fun, and enlightening learning environment.
  • A chance to taste and toast with up to 5/6 exquisite wines.

All you need to bring is your curiosity, your taste buds, and a spirit of adventure. We’ll handle the rest, ensuring your journey into the world of wine is as rewarding as it is unforgettable. Welcome to the Wine School Florence, where the legacy of Tuscan wine tours and  Tuscany wine tours come alive, one sip at a time.