If you have ever wanted to learn about wine, our wine school is designed to give you the knowledge you have always wanted. Our courses are the simple answer! Experience a two-hour wine course or a day-long more in-depth wine course at our school right in the heart of Florence. You will surely learn and taste your way through an intimate appreciation of wine.


Our own certified sommeliers will provide you with the most direct and first-hand knowledge and will walk you through wine tasting and serving techniques, going beyond the basics. This learning experience will cover Tuscan wine tasting, Tuscan grape varieties and information on local winemakers. You will also gain a fuller understanding of other features in wine making, such as the difference in temperature, age and glassware. Moreover, our sommeliers will guide you through the essentials of pairing wine with food with detailed tips on how to choose the right pairing every time.


We offer four types of courses. With each course you are sure to learn about the history of Tuscan wine, how conditions such as climate, weather, water can affect the taste of wine, grape varieties in Tuscany, how wine is made, storing and serving wine and much more. In particular, each course will focus on:


  1. Introduction to Tuscan wines – You will have a chance to learn more about the broad variety of Tuscan wines, taste 5/6 wines and bread with extra virgin olive oil;
  2. Wine and food Experience: La Giostra e All’Antico Vinaio – This is an introductory course to local wines as well as to traditional Tuscan and local dishes. Food nibbles and canapés will include Tuscan food produced in the area, such as pecorino cheese, honey, traditional Tuscan cantucci and much more;
  3. Introduction to Tuscan wines with visit to Vinaino – A chance to taste a selection of 4 wines accompanied by extra virgin olive oil bruschettas as well as wine tasting at the Vinaino, a traditional Florentine wine place that has not changed much in a century;
  4. Wine class and wine tour in the Chianti area – Taste up to 4 wines to pair with bread and extra virgin olive oil. On top of this you will visit a boutique winery in the Chianti area that will also include a guided tour of the cellar as well as additional wine and food tastings.


The Wine School of Florence was recently founded to provide high quality and internationally recognised wine education in Florence. Our courses can teach both the wine connoisseur as well as those with a more casual appreciation for wine.  Our wine courses are run from March to October and are taught in English and Italian.


If you wish to expand your knowledge of wine tasting, come and participate in one of our courses. We keep them simple and informative, so no prior knowledge is necessary. During each course, you will have a chance to taste up to 5/6 wines and have fun while doing it.


In a nut-shell, what’s on offer at various levels:


  • Choose between a 2-hour wine course or a day-long course
  • Wine tastings and food pairing
  • Courses kept intimate, simple, fun and informative
  • Taste up to 5/6 wines


Just bring your nose, an open mind and we will do all the rest!