• When

    From Monday to Friday from March to October

  • Duration

    About 2 hours, from 11 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.

  • Included

    all tastings, guide in English

  • Partecipants

    Min. 2 max 8

  • Price

    45 euro per person

An introduction to Tuscan delicacies, made only in Tuscany and some of them only in Florence.

Wine and food Experience
 and if you like you can also have lunch at “La Giostra” restaurant.

Wine and food Experience
 and if you like you can also have lunch at “La Giostra” restaurant.

An introductory course to traditional Tuscan dishes! We will learn about Tuscan specialties, including some native Florentine dishes!

Your two-hour tour will give you the chance to taste typical, seasonal Tuscan food produced by local artisans. You will enjoy pecorino cheese, local honey, truffles, typical Tuscan cantuccibruschetta with fresh-pressed olive oil, panforte, chocolate, and even more. Of course, none of this would be complete without some local vino!

Wine and food Experience
 and  if you like you can also have lunch at  “La Giostra” restaurant in Florence.

As you know, there is not an Italian food but a regional food that means each region has its own specialties.
In Tuscany, the food is very simple, but a  really masterpiece, Of course you must absolutely avoid the tourist places where you will never taste the real Tuscan food, but only  food produced with poor quality ingredients, preventing you from getting to know and savor the real excellent food of Tuscany.
This food course will give you the tools to recognize for yourself if a product is fresh, artisanal and if it is made with natural ingredients and while you taste these Tuscan delicacies you will also discover their origin and their history;

This course will wow you for myriad reasons! Not only will you enjoy traditional specialty Tuscan food, but you’ll also experience a touch of creativity with  the world famous focaccia made in the ovens of All’Antico Vinaio!

If you like you can also have a really special lunch option. We have collaborated with famous Florentine restaurant La Giostra — literally “the merry-go-round” — to serve a truly special meal.

Formerly the restaurant’s space held a real carousel for children and when you step inside you will see why the name still fits. You will be enchanted by the magic of the beautiful decor, the food and wine, and the charming owner, Prince Soldano, descendant of Lorraine, the Princess of Hapsburg. You may get to rub shoulders with true royalty!

His passion stems from his childhood when he spent his time spying on cooks in the kitchens of his family’s properties. His love and passion for cooking and great wine led him to open his restaurant in it’s special building dating back to the 1300s. You will leave feeling like royalty as you continue to enjoy Florence!

What are the typical Tuscan foods that you will taste at the course?

In your two-hour food tour you will taste the best Tuscan typical seasonal food selected among the many Tuscan artisan laboratories including: pecorino cheese, local honey, truffles, Cantucci biscuits, bruschetta with new extra virgin olive oil, Panforte, chocolate and much more… all accompanied by local wine.

Your guide a food and wine expert will explain to you with fluent English in which part of Tuscany the food is produced, telling all  the secrets and anecdotes related to the food you are enjoying.

tasting of wine

The food course takes place in the less touristy, but trendiest part of Florence, Oltrarno, in the famous Palazzo Frescobaldi, at our Wine School of Florence.

After the course on food and wine in Florence, we will give you some suggestions where to find the best food in Florence while walking around the city and how to interpret the various restaurants’ menus

Palazzo Frescobaldi

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